In which there is a battle with pirates, nights spent together, and land is reached!

Elodie, the 12th of Decem, 976 (Departure to Lemuria)

With the death of Felix still heavy on our minds and hearts, we spent the next two days helping with burials and rebuilding Alpaca.   The village donated a small boat for Felix’s funeral, which we laid him and his belongings in.   As we pushed it off into the water, we said a few words to say goodbye.   Lines from an old sailor’s passage came to mind:

And now, all in my own country,
I stood on the firm land!
The Hermit stepp’d forth from the boat,
And scarcely he could stand.

“O shrieve me, shrieve me, holy man!”
The Hermit cross’d his brow.
“Say quick,” quoth he, “I bid thee say—
What manner of man art thou?”

Forthwith this frame of mine was wrench’d
With a woful agony,
Which forced me to begin my tale;
And then it left me free.

Since then, at an uncertain hour,
That agony returns:
And till my ghastly tale is told,
This heart within me burns.

I pass, like night, from land to land;
I have strange power of speech;
That moment that his face I see,
I know the man that must hear me:
To him my tale I teach.”

 As we said our goodbyes, Tathandral flew over the boat, setting it on flames as he said his final farewells.   We set off shortly afterwards.   Theradon had been weighing heavy on my heart also.  I knew that I couldn’t ignore my discovery any longer and needed to speak with him about it.   I found my way to his cabin door and knocked.   He called for me to enter.   Looking up from studying the map, he said, “Good evening Alusair, how may I help you?”    “Good evening, Theradon,” I replied, “I’ve been meaning to speak with you.”   “Oh, what did you wish to speak about?”   “As you might know,” I began, “As a Dragon Warrior I am blessed with very few spells.”   He nodded in understanding, “I am aware, go on,” he said.   Taking a deep breath I continued, “Back when we were at the keep, I was trying to discern   Sophia intent, I suspected then that she might be working for the Shadow Man.   However I didn’t sense any evil in her at the time,” I paused slightly then finished with, “But I did sense it in you.”   “Oh?” he inquired, “Are you concerned about my role in our journey?”   Not wanting to alarm him I rushed on to explain, “I have never doubted your intent, or you.   I am concerned about *you* though.   I know you are loyal to the party and know that there are many levels of evil, just as there are many levels of good.  I have seen holy men do things they claim were in the name of good, but was truly evil.   Please, what is it that plagues you?  I would do all that I can to help you.   We have grown close these past few months….I would see us grow closer and help each other.”   “Don’t worry,” he assured me, “My intent is my own. Have no fear for me. I am on this journey for my own purposes, but I have no intent to see this world destroyed. Loyalty is everything to me, as long as you do not betray me then you have no need to worry.   I will not allow anyone to destroy my world and no one will stand in my way.”  Betray him?  I would never seek to do such a thing!   Wanting to get through to him I replied, “You know that I love you, I would not betray you, but I can only help you as much as you will let me.”   “I believe you,” he said, “You have proven yourself many times. If you wish to stand with me, then there is nothing to worry about. I will achieve my goals, follow me and I know you will achieve yours as well.”   Shaking my head slightly, I countered, “You do not know what my goals are.   And I also follow no one.  But I would walk beside you.   My goal to achieve perfect mastery remains unchanged.  I have decided, however, that in order to achieve that I will become the greatest Dragon Warrior.  I will become the Commander of the Dragon Warriors in Eternos someday.”   Upon telling him this, I stepped up to him, cupping his cheek slightly with my hand. “I know that I have sensed evil in you,” I told him, “But I have seen the good also.”   Gazing at me he replied back, “I can see it in your eyes, the fire, the passion, you want more, you want greater.”   I nodded slightly in agreement, “I do,” I admitted, “We are not so different, you and I.”   “Perhaps,” he agreed, “But I don’t intend to let anyone stop me.”   Worried that he thought maybe that was what I was trying to do, I poured my heart out to him.   “I want to be able to protect my friends.  If I can command the Dragon Warriors someday, no one will hurt them ever again.   I will be able to guide them to stop darkness wherever it may lurk.   I have no intentions of stopping you, Theradon.   I would not get in your way.   I know that a man can be both good and evil.  I do not believe you to wish harm on this group or mission.   Together we can stop the Shadow Man, save this world and achieve our dreams.   I just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help you, to listen to you.   I do not know what plagues you or haunts you.   But I am here for you.   I wanted you to know that I will continue loving you.”   He paused as if considering this and replied back, “I will stop him, there is no doubt about that. I will need all of you though to get there. Be strong, these will be trying times.”   Thinking back to some of our first conversations I smiled and told him, “I was right to give you the ebony puzzle box.  You are still an nigma to me.”   “You are a strong woman,” he replied, “I respect that strength.”    Slowly he leaned down and kissed me.   I tried not to act too startled as I kissed him back.   This was the first time that he initiated a kiss!   A thousand thoughts and scenarios whirled in my head, but I knew which one I wanted to play out.   As if sensing this, he offered for me to stay the night with him if I wished.   Grinning fiercely, I accepted.

 Elodie the 12th of Novem 977 (Arrival in the Port City of Madra in Lemuria)

We arrived today in Port Madra.   The port city is the worst that I have seen thus far.  It is very seedy and dingy looking.   It seems as if every race walked in the marketplace: Orcs, Half-Orcs, Gnomes, Halflings, though Humans did seem a bit sparse.   Thankful to be off the ship, we quickly made our plans as to where we were going to go next, since Galant cautioned us that spending an extended amount of time in Port Madra was not recommended.   We decided that the next place to continue our search would be to head West in search of the barbarian tribes to see if they could provide us with any information on Mondo the Strong.   Galant suggested that we head to the city of Wingard to start gathering information there.   Mazrith said that we had enough money set aside that we could each get some, and gave each of us 20 platinum pieces.  I wish there was a better chance for shopping in this town so I could get a new dress!   Since it seemed that we were in no hurry to head straight for Windguard, I decided that I would write in this journal, to recount the rest of the voyage.

The voyage was fairly uneventful for the most part.   We celebrated the New Year as well as the Festival of Lights.   I found my thoughts wander back to last year and how we had celebrated it Felix and our other friends at the time.   I lit a candle in memory of him and prayed that his spirit had found rest and would watch over us on our journey.

I don’t know the exact date since time seemed to blur as we were on the ship, but at one point we were attacked by pirates.   Though I don’t know the exact date, I will never forget that ship.   Black sails hung down, and even with holes, the ship still sails.   The large ship is dark and imposing, as if a shadow was cast over it to make it more dangerous.   “We should leave quickly, very quickly.  It’s the Dreadnaught,” said Michael, the ship’s sole crew member.   Within minutes the ship was boarded by pirates.   As we fought our attackers off, Theradon shouted, “I invoke the right of parlay!”   The pirates stopped fighting and one shouted out, “Hold your weapons, he invokes parlay!   We will take you to the Captain,” he said, “But only you.”   Theradon nodded in agreement and followed the pirate aboard the Dreadnaught.   Time seem to slow as the minutes ticked by and we waited for Theradon to return.   As we waited I noticed the air on the Weatherlight started to grow hot, the wind doing nothing to offer comfort.   As I looked around I noticed a strange energy emanating from Mazrith!   This was something new, I hadn’t seen this happen with him before!   A light grew brightly around him and his hair changed from black to gold and back again as an immense surge of power erupted from him.   He stood there in an imposing stance on the deck; golden hair standing on end, green eyes intimidating the pirates on deck.   The pirates all took a step back.   About that same time I saw Theradon fly up into the air and cast a firestorm spell on the Dreadnaught.  A barrier suddenly sprang to life, saving the ship.   Even from the Weatherlight I could hear the Captain of the Dreadnaught shout, “Kill them all!”  The pirates were then spurred back into action and the battle resumed.   As we fought against the pirates, I noticed Theradon fly back over to the Weatherlight.   Sheathing his sword, I saw Maz fold his hands together as an orb of light formed between them.   Shouting something I couldn’t understand Mazrith pushed his hands forward in front of him as energy shot out, vaporizing the pirate in front of me, and putting a hole into the Dreadnaught.   I glanced around to see how our other companions fared.   Seeing Galant was down, I made my way over to him to heal him as best as I can with my meager skills.   “Are you ok?   Fight isn’t over yet!” I said with a savage grin.   He nodded.   The Dreadnaught started to pull away and the remaining pirates tried to flee with the ship.   Those that weren’t cut down, fell into the ocean.

Time to go look for horses, Galant is saying that it is a month to Wingard.



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