In which there are mountains, Gnomes and rain!

Elodie the 12th of Novem, 977 (Arrival in the Port City of Madra in Lemuria)

 “It would be best if we headed out of Madra as quickly and quietly as possible,” said Galant, shortly upon our arrival.  As I took a look around the seedy looking population a whiff of reeking garbage and fish guts filled my nostrils.   Needless to say, I couldn’t agree more!   Galant explained that it would take a month for us to get to Wingard if we traveled on foot, so horses would be our best bet.  We quickly followed Galant as he lead us to a horse dealer, named Crazy Achmed.   After some dealing and swindling (probably more on Achmed’s part than ours) we bought some horses for those that needed them.  Amayah would be able to fly up ahead of us in the air since she has wings, and I would ride Tathandral on the ground as well.

We headed north of out of town, following a winding road that was very hilly and rocky.   Looking forward I could see that the terrain would prove to be treacherous and that the further inland we went the more mountains we would see.   I was quite excited at this prospect since I had never really gotten much of a chance to see mountains before!   They were like granite giants that had stood as silent sentinels.  Who knows what they have watched come to pass?   I will write more as our journey progresses!

Elodie the 18th of Novem, 977

We had been travelling for about six days when our journey was interrupted.   The hills were still plentiful in the area and we had just decided to make camp for the night.   I decided to try and get some sleep with the rest of the party before my turn of the watch when Amayah started yelling for us to wake up.   My eyes were still thick with sleep, but through my bond with Tathandral he showed me that there were about 3 creatures around our camp.   The creatures were squat and blubbery, and had almost a hairless body with pale sickly flesh, slack mount full of fangs.   Hoping to catch us all asleep in our beds, the creatures were not prepared to face our entire party awake and ready for battle.   We made short work of our creatures and remained vigilant for the rest of the night.

The next day we continued travelling northward to Wingard.   On the way their we came across a caravan of Gnomes who said they were heading to Madra from the dwarven city of Adrienos.   They were very friendly and willing to trade with us.  It was refreshing to see bright little spirits and people who were friendly and unsuspecting of us.   Though we were around them for less than an hour or so, they revived my dampened spirits.  These people truly saw good everywhere they looked and their cheerfulness was infectious.   It was a good day.   They had many items among their wares, including armor and weapons, but it was the bright baubles that caught my eye.   Though the way of the Dragon Warrior is fraught with peril, there was a part of me that still yearned for a simple woman’s life.   I eyed the bracelets, pendants and ear bobs and smiled as the memorizing light caught and played in the many angles of the bright stones.  With a sigh I set the pretties down and thanked them for their time.

Shortly after meeting with the tinker-like Gnomes, Galant informed us of another way to get to Wingard.   “There is a quicker way to get there, but I have to warn you it is more treacherous.   It will get us there a week faster, but we will risk more ambushes and stops so in the end it may prove to be the longer of the two paths.”   I voiced that if there was a quicker way we should take it, feeling confident that our party could beat most that came across the path.   The rest of the party was in agreement and so we altered our course slightly and started taking the road less travelled.

About 3 days after we had met with the Gnomes it began to rain.  They were horrible rains with much thunder and lightning.   At times it seemed impossible to see through the curtains of rain, which slowed our progress down to almost a crawl.   As the lightning lit up the sky we would be able to see our surroundings.   As a bolt of lightning lit up the sky, up ahead we were able to see a large object obstructing our path.   Ahead of us in the rain was a monster.  The creature shambled forward on thick taloned legs, vaguely reptilian in form, its large stooped frame ends in mostly in a featureless head, dominated by large ear structures and a gaping toothless mouth.   Before the party can spring into action the beast opened its mouth and produced a sonic like attack.  Not wanting to give the beast time to charge back up, Tathandral and I charged down the muddy trail, striking the beast as we passed.   We struck out a few more times and were able to cut down the beast before the rest of the party could come to harm.   I let out a whoop of wild exhilaration as Tath and I watched the beast’s body shudder with its final breath.   I beamed with joy knowing that we had done a good job, quickly dispatching the creature.

It has been 2 days since we came across the beast and nothing else has tried it’s luck against ours.   The rains have finally let up enough so that I could safely take out my journal and jot this down.   Tomorrow will be Elodie the 24th of Novem, 977, and our arrival in Wingard.

-The Farstrider known as Alusair


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