In which there is a dream on the road to Wingard…..

Sometime during the night, while on the road to Wingard…..

The night is wracked with dreams that turn dark…

The area around us was unknown to me, fire and smoke obscure my vision. Ruined buildings and the bodies of the dead litter the ground and the fires made shadows dance all around me and the smoke stung my eyes. One lone shadow seemed to rush in and out of view, and seemed to move like the shadows themselves. I heard whispering but could not make out what is said, only some of it reached my ears: “You…die…why” I reached for my sword, only instead of my new sword, in my hand was the broken handle of the Sword of the World, taunting me.   “This is a dream,” I whispered.   “It must be.”   The shadow moved in and out of the ruins and the fires, always coming closer, the whispering always sounding so distant. The figure stopped in front of me, a large creature, its breathing labored as if it ready to pounce for an attack. The smoke was still  in my eyes,  making it difficult to see and the heat made me sweat which burned my eyes even more. The figure started to step closer each step forward took what seems like an eternity. The creature stepped out of the flames, its body decayed and burned, its armor covered in blood. The lips were pulled back, teeth bared snarling at me and the eyes full of hate and suffering. It lunged forward towards me, as it hit me the body passed through me like smoke and its words could be heard for the first time in there entirety: “Why did you let me die?!” The final words lingered in the air with great weight: “Why?”

“Felix….” I whispered, as a surge of emotions went through me.

I awoke  in my bedroll next to Theradon, drenched in sweat and breathing as if I had just been running for dear life, the beat of my heart beating deep in my throat.   Looking up I saw Theradon, Mazrith, and Amayah also sitting up in there bedrolls.   As we all looked at each other, a look of worry and regret was shared between all present.   There was no doubt in my mind that they had just witnessed the same dream I had.   My eyes sought out Theradon’s, wanting to seek the comfort of his arms.   Knowing that I would not be able to sleep the rest of the night, I got up instead, making my way to Tath’an’dral.   I could feel Gallant’s eyes on me as he glanced from his Watch for the night, his eyes picking up my movement within the camp.   Laying down next to Tath’an’dral, I cradled his head in my arms, breathing in his scent, that of the sea.   Knowing he missed Felix as much as the rest of us, I tried to be there to comfort him as best as I could.


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