Character History

Character History (Long)     *For Alusair and Tathandral’s Theme Song please see the link on the bottom right hand side of the page*

8 yr old Alusair

I will never forget the first day that I saw my first Dragon Warrior.   I was eight years old and had just gotten done scrubbing pots for an inkeeper who was also my current foster parent.   The warrior had come to our village to deliver a message for the mayor.   She was beautiful and regal looking.  Proud.  And young, I remember thinking she looked very young.   Pennants snapped in the air as her dragon furled its wings to land in the town square.  Sunlight shone and gleamed off of her armor and her dragon’s glittering silver scales.   They were only there for a moment, but that moment was enough to change my life.  At that time I knew with all my little eight year old heart what I wanted to be.

I wanted to be a Dragon Warrior.

I figured if I could become a Dragon Warrior I would never be alone again.   I was an orphan who was moved from foster family to foster family.  It seemed as soon as I would start making friends….if I made any at all…I would get fostered off to a different set of parents.   In the town where I had seen the Dragon Warrior, I had made some friends and was happy there with them and my day dreams of becoming a warrior.  But then sure enough, when I was about 12 years old, I was fostered off to another family; and we moved to a small coastal village.   I was uprooted from my friends and dreams.   But some dreams do come true.   I miss those friends, and think of them often.   I hope their dreams came true also.

I was upset with my new foster parents for moving me and decided to extract revenge on them.  I wanted to be a Dragon Warrior and it seemed to fall on deaf ears so I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I figured I was being very clever for a twelve year old.  So I made a small pack and decided to run away.   I knew most dragon eggs were kept in the Monastery, but I knew that if I could find one on my own, surely no one would deny my right to be there.   I had looked at books and drawings and saw that Bronze Dragons were once native to the coastal area.  If I could find one, maybe I could get an egg somehow…

Kord, God of Strength and Courage, Lord of Storms

I wasn’t familiar with the area, but I still set off over the rocky coast looking and searching, my young heart full of hope and courage.   And of course as luck would have it, I got lost…and it started to storm.   I raced to try and find shelter along the rocky shore, and found a little cave up in the rocks a ways.  The cave was already occupied though by a man, standing on a ledge.   He had his arms spread out wide, face lifted to the storm and was yelling into it.   He was a tall muscular man with long streaming red hair and a red beard.

I had hoped that maybe my presence would go unnoticed…maybe I could still get away?   The mountain of a man had indeed noticed my presence and turned around and fixed me with an unwavering gaze.   His face looked like an angry storm as lightning streaked behind him, lighting up the cave.   I met his gaze unflinching and stared back at him.   I didn’t care if he was a crazy man yelling into a storm or not! I was going to find my dragon egg!   Something in his gaze changed and suddenly he chuckled and invited me into the cave.   Wary but eager to get dry and warm, I went in. “And just what,” he asked in a voice of muted thunder, “Is a young Aasimar doing out in the middle of my storm?”   His storm?   Confused but determined I boldly told him that I was seeking a dragon egg so that I could become a Dragon Warrior.   He asked me why I desired to become a Dragon Warrior.  I told him so I could be a shield to the weak, defender of all that is right and good.   Wherever evil might take a stand and rear its ugly head, I would be there to thwart it, a Champion of Light.

“Is that so?” he asked me.  “Well I think I can give you a push in the right direction then!  Come over to this ledge and stand with me.”    He was going to help me!  Full of trust and hope, I got up and walked over to the mountain of a man.   “Look out over the waves, they teach us much.  The third way is for courage.   The path that you want to walk is one less traveled by; you need much courage if you are to succeed.  Do you have that courage?”   “Yes!” I told him.   He continued, “The sixth wave is for perseverance.   The path that you want to take will be a difficult and hard one.  It will be full of tough work and thankless tasks.   Are you up to it?  Do you you have the strength to persevere through the trials of training?”   I didn’t hesitate with my reply.  I told him that I did.   “The ninth wave,” he said, “Is for surrender.   Not surrender as in battle, no not that.  If you want the life of a Dragon Warrior you must surrender yourself to your passion.  Never hold back.  Surrender yourself to the bond of the Dragon, don’t fight it.” He was silent for a while.   I looked up at him.  He turned to me with a broad grin and asked, “Alusair, do you know how to swim?”   Catching me completely off guard, how had he known my name? I replied back, “Well yes…” “Good!” he said.  And promptly threw me off the ledge into the churning waves below.

 The ocean was ice cold as I fought to make my way back up to the surface.   But the undercurrent of the waves kept turning me about, I couldn’t make out up from down.  I felt something grasp my body and haul me in the direction I hoped would be up.   My head broke free of the water and I took in a huge gasp of air.   Turning to thank my rescuer, my words were like glue in my mouth as I found myself gazing into the glowing green eye of a bronze dragon.   It was wise and all knowing as if it could see into the very depths of my soul.   I turned and looked and the ledge from where I had been tossed was nowhere in sight.  Just how far had he thrown me???   Sensing my distress the dragon caught hold of me and started pulling me towards an island off in the distance.

The dragon guided me towards the island.   Across the sandy beach we went to some rocks with a cave where the dragon had made a home for its nest of eggs.   I stopped as soon as I saw them, unsure of what to do.  The dragon butted me with its nose.   I turned to look at it, hoping but not daring to reach out to touch one of the eggs.   It regarded me with a look as if it were trying to decide something, and then nodded to me slowly.   I reached out and touched some of the eggs, marveling over them.  But one of them felt

The bonding

Bonding of Alusair and Tathandral

warmer than the others.   I placed both hands on it and felt a flash of awareness in my mind, a name whispered across my consciousness,Tathandral.   I was flooded with many feelings at once, relief, excitement, joy.  I curled myself around the egg as the dragon climbed into the nest and curled around all of us.   Holding the egg with Tathandral inside, I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was back in my room.  Was it all just a dream I wondered?  I threw my covers off and discovered Tathandral’s egg in the bed with me.   How did I get back home?  Sensing I wasn’t alone in my room I looked up and saw a mountain of a man standing at the foot of my bed.  It was the same man I had saw in the cave!  With a fierce grin he looked at me and said “Strength and heart…strength and heart.” And with that he was gone.  How had he done that?   Was he a mage of some sort? I went over to where he stood and saw that he had left something behind.   On a leather cord was a piece of bronze in the shape of a disk with an eight pointed star on it.  Suddenly I recalled a passage I had read about the Gods,  “The chill wind heralds him with its howling. The darkening sky is his cloak sweeping over the land. His face is the angry thunderhead, and when he speaks, his rumbling voice can be heard for miles. Lightning leaps from his briefest glance, and he lashes the world with rain and beats it with hail. From a throne of storms, Kord looks down upon all and sees too much weakness.”   Almost too stunned to move but wanting to show appreciation for everything Kord had done for me, I picked up the medallion and put it around my neck and vowed to follow his teachings and dedicate my life as a warrior to him.   With a renewed sense of courage and strength, I packed all my worldly belongings into a small pack, tucked the egg in my satchel, and walked out the door to find my foster family and demand to be taken Dragon Warrior Monastery.






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