In which there are many games, an unexpected gift, and trust is lost

Wingard Festival and Afterwards

Part II

Trying not to bounce around too much I went to some of the games.   Festivals are so great!   There is music and dancers!  Games of chance with prizes to be won, and other exciting things!  It was almost a night of whimsy.  Anyone could be a winner if they danced the right steps with Lady Luck.   And I totally planned on cutting lose for a night of carefree fun….and maybe win something cute!   The first place I headed to was the games!   There were varying games around.   Ring tosses, tests of skills.  I decided to start with something fairly easy and played a few ring toss games.   With a bit of luck and skill I won a gypsy love charm and two flowers.   After briefly consulting Amayah that the charm was not magical, I smiled and put it on and stuck the flowers into my hair.   Looking around, another game caught my eye.  It was a dart throwing game.  If you managed to stick a certain amount of darts, there were stuffed animals to be had!   Feeling like a little girl all over again, I was determined to win a stuffed animal!   There were many colors and sizes of different animals.  I loved them all and wanted to win one!   Confident in my skills as a fighter, I knew the game would be a piece of cake.   I mean, you would think so right?  I’ve bested many a foe with my battle prowess….only to be bested in turn by A DART GAME!   It had to be weighted!   Or rigged!   Rigged I tell you!  I was tricked!   Magic had to have been used by concealed wizards nearby!   I was robbed of winning a stuffed animal of cuteness!   Fuming, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Galant appear and approach Amayah and I.   But…the game must be won!   The conversation could wait!   After several more tries, I looked at my dwindling money, stamped my foot and stormed off, leaving Galant and Amayah behind in conversation.   Earlier I had seen many patrons of the festival walking around with food, so I went off to find meat on a stick.  Because hey, what’s not to like about that right?

With my spirits lifted thanks to the little piece of tasty goodness on a stick, I walked around a bit more and noticed a sign for a fortune teller.   Excited, I hurried over to see if she was available.   She smiled as she saw me enter her domain and beckoned for me to sit at her table.   Taking my hand and looking over it a bit, she told me that I had a strong love line….but it was fractured.   My thoughts immediately went to Theradon, but before I could dwell on it for too long, she told me that I would find true love in the end.   She then went on to say that my destiny was not yet written and cautioned me to hold my friend close.   When I offered her payment, she refused to accept any.   Gifting her with one of my flowers, I thanked her for her time and wisdom.  She smiled and told me to send the rest of my friends to see her.

As I exited her tent I could hear shouts coming from outside.   Rushing over to see what the commotion was about, I stopped short as the scene unfolded before me.   I couldn’t believe it!   Tathandral had apparently decided to attack the meat vendor’s cart!   As I tried to take in what was happening, I recalled that while I had been busy playing games, Tath had been inquiring about meat the whole night.   Bah!   I ran forward and shouted at him to stop.  Just because he was hungry did not excuse him for his bad manners.   Even though it tore my heart to scold him, and really I was partly to blame, I apologized to the meat merchant and paid for the entire meat cart with one of Tath’s diamonds.   Thankfully he wasn’t too angry and was all too happy to take the diamond as payment.   As for Tath, he felt horrible about thinking with his tummy, but was also pleased that he was able to have the entire meat cart to himself.   With both parties happy and a look towards the sky at the time, I decided I would head back to the Shrugging Lion to see if Mazrith or Theradon had returned.   But first….another try at the stuffed animal game!     ….Which of course did not go in my favor!   Blast that thrice curst game, I just wanted a stuffed animal of cuteness!!   After a bit of searching about I failed to find Mazrith or Theradon and decided to continue with my previous plan of heading back to the Shrugging Lion.   Knowing that Tathandral was happily munching away at his meat, and that Amayah and Galant were conversing somewhere, I left the sounds of the festival behind and walked back.

On my way back, I noticed a man up ahead was approaching several people.  It looked as if he was inquiring about something.  Sure enough he headed my way after the group in front of me shook their heads.   He asked if there was an inn in town and I told him about the Shrugging Lion being the only inn and how the rooms were rented out.   Feeling a bit sorry for him, I considered offering for him to stay with us, but I did not know how that would go over with the rest of the group, and it was not my place to offer up their room to a stranger.   Wish him luck, he thanked me in turn and walked on.   As I turned to continue making my way out of nowhere, Theradon showed up.   It was as if he had appeared out of the shadows themselves!   With a smile he told me that he had something for me, and before I could ask what he was he presented me with a stuffed animal in the shape of a pony….YES!!!!   How had he managed to get this?   That game was….was….impossible! I have to admit, I was very impressed with his skills, and proceeded to tell him about this over and over with a few kisses.   After showering him with my heartfelt gratitude, I told him that I had been searching for Mazrith, and also brought him up to speed about what I had found out about Galant, and confided in him my disappointment about how he had not told us about his previous dealings in Wingard.   Theradon said that he had also seen Mazrith briefly and since he could not find him either, suggested we continue on together to the Shrugging Lion.   With my gift in my hand, and Theradon next to me, I thought about what the fortune teller had said, and briefly toyed with the idea of boldly suggesting we make use of one of the rooms that I had secured.   But with the luck I had been having that night, someone would walk right in!

Galant and Amayah were not far behind getting to the tavern after we had, and Maz was still nowhere in sight.   It seems after I stormed off in my huff about the game, Galant and Amayah were approached by a group of nobles.   The nobles informed them about how the mayor’s son had been missing and asked Galant to find him.   With a look at Theradon, I decided now would be the time to ask Galant why he had been keeping information from us, and why he did not tell us that he was also a son of the same family.   In a very distant manner, he replied that he was not related to them.  I informed him that wasn’t what I was told and pointed out the attention he had drawn the moment we entered town.   He replied angrily that the family was never family to him and never considered him family.   Why was he being so stubborn and closed-mouthed about this?   Doesn’t he realize that he can’t keep things like this from the group?   Who knows what we could be walking into!  There are times I worry that the Shadow Man sees and hears everything we do…he could be anyone….and anywhere.   I tried to change my approach.  I admit I had put him on the defensive, maybe I should be a bit more understanding and try and be empathetic to what was struggling with.   So I explained to him as best as I could that I could understand why he would want to find his brother, but he continued to stubbornly insist that the missing boy was not his brother.  Galant then went on to say that he does not care about them and that the party could leave the city to its fate and we could turn our backs on them, but he didn’t believe we were the type of people to do that and so that is why he wanted to help out the family.   He said this with such a lack of emotion…such an off-handed manner, as if he were merely commenting about the weather.   It shook my trust in him.   With a forced smile and a laugh of false brightness I told him that of course we would help him and the family out.   Before the conversation could turn to other things, the others decided that it would be beneficial to venture back out and perhaps gather information.   As we split up, I caught Theradon’s eye.   Once we were alone I confided in him about how upset I was with Galant and how I was no longer sure if he could be trusted.   Theradon nodded in understanding.   “Find out what you can about him, if you learning anything else, let me know.”  I told him that I would, and searched his face for a sign of reassurance that I was just being unreasonable.   Galant had lead us to Wingard and proven himself a valuable ally, but what did we really know about him?   The fortune teller had advised me to hold my friends close.   Was Galant really a friend?   After questioning some of the locals, we headed back to the inn and decided to call it a night.   I hate going to sleep with feelings of unease and I know that I will lay awake for most of the night.   I would give anything to be curled up next to Tath right now, or next to Theradon’s warm body, but tomorrow is another day, and it will come early.

-Alusair Farstrider


In which a destination is reached, there is a festival, and….Surprise! (Part 1)

Elodie, Novem 24 977 Arrival in Wingard

Part I

While the sun approached the noon hour, we were able to make out the faint outline of Wingard in the distance.      As we continued watching I noticed that there were more houses along the countryside, and the occasional temple.   Seeing me taking note of our surroundings, Galant nodded slightly and explained, “We have about an hour left before we get to the main part of town.”   Once we neared town there were even more dwellings to be seen, as well as some brightly colored tents, that looked out of place.   “Look!” I said, pointing towards them.   “Oh….gypsies…”said Theradon, with a minor hint of disgust.   The sound of his voice threw me slightly off, perhaps it was possible he had dealings with them previously?   Sounds of laughter and music cut short my musings as we came around a corner and the town came fully into view.   It seemed to me that there were a fair number of town guards walking around, but I supposed with the addition of a fair going on, perhaps it was a wise decision.   “We need to head to the tavern, “said Galant.  “C’mon, I’ll take to you it.  There is only one in town.”  Leading the way, he started down the road to take us to our would-be lodgings.   As I followed, I couldn’t help but notice that there were a fair amount of people pointing at him and whispering.  If Galant noticed, he made no show of it.

After a couple of minutes we came to the local tavern called the Shrugging Lion.   Looking towards the door, That informed me that he would remain outside.   “Tath,”I said to him through our mental link, “Why don’t you try turning into a human?   I mean I haven’t seen you do it yet, but I know you can.”  “Ok!”said Tath, as he proceeded to polymorph into a human…..a very naked human.   Roughly my age, he had sandy brown hair with a bronze look to it, green eyes, was well built and no clothing!   Did I mention the no clothing?? “Tath, you need to wear clothing!!” I shouted, turning ten different shades of red.  With a look he replied, “I don’t understand why humans are so taboo about nakedness!” and promptly turned back into his normal dragon self.   Hoping we did not make too much of a scene, I quickly entered the Shrugging Lion.

The tavern was very crowded but thankfully we managed to secure a couple of chairs at a table.   Even though it was a busy night, we received prompt service from the serving girl.   I inquired about the house specials on drinks for the night.  After a long journey, a nice cold alcoholic something sounded perfect!   The serving girl told me that they happened to have such a drink called “Surprise!”  She also added that if I managed to drink it, keep it down, and remain somewhat upright, that the rest of the drinks were free for the night!   How could I pass up a chance like that?  I could try something new!  I could get drinks for my friends!   Of course I said yes!   As I told her I would be willing to take on the challenge the others gave her their orders, and she said she would be back shortly with them.

While we waited, I listened around me for the local gossip and any suggestions as to why people had been pointing at Galant the whole time we were in town…and still were even here in the tavern!   I caught snatches of conversation about the festival in town, but also heard bits and pieces about the local mayor and how his son had been missing for some time now.   The serving girl came back with our drinks before I could ask the group what they thought about it.   As she handed me the drink, I looked at my friends and grinned at Theradon.   “I got this!”  And down the hatch went the Surprise!   It was rather pleasant tasting, actually.  I started to wonder why it was called a “Surprise” when I noticed several spots of changing colors!   With a smile, the serving girl informed us that she would be back to periodically check on me.

As entertaining as I might have been for everyone else, Galant got up and informed us that he was going to take a walk.   Shortly after he departed, Maz said that he was going to head out for a bit too.   Normally I would have offered to go with or suggested someone go with them, but….I just found it so funny, and started gigging hysterically.   I couldn’t help it!  Everything was so funny!   Life, the universe, everything!   In between my giggles I could hear people around me taking bets for how long I was going to last as I started to go through the different effects of my beverage.   I managed to shake off the laughing, but then there were all these itchy spots on me.  I did everything I could in order to not scratch myself, and proceeded to sit on my hands.   No sooner did I do this….I turned blue.   Well at least everyone was getting a good show, even if it was at my expense!   Maybe next time I’ll think twice about drinking something so vaguely named, eh?   As the effects started to wear off Theradon suggested the rest of us go and enjoy the festival.  Tath also voiced that he would like to do this.  Since I was not very trusting of my senses, I told them that they should go on ahead and I would catch up with them there.   Amayah said that she would stay with me until I was ready to go.   Once they left, I decided it was time to pay my compliments to the bartender!

“Sir!“ I called out as I approached the bar, “I must give you my compliments!  That is a very fine drink you served me and I’m glad everyone found it as entertaining as I did!” He laughed a little bit and said that it was commendable that I lasted through the drink.   After a little bit of bantering I got down to what I really wanted to know: Why was everyone so interested in Galant?   “Don’t you know?” he replied, “He is the son of the Mayor!   He left abruptly and has been gone for some time.   Apparently there was some sort of falling out with the family.   He was top dog and less than worthy.   I guess family is important to some…”  “Well, “I said, “I wouldn’t know much about that.   I have no family other than Tathandral.  Though my friends that I have been travelling with are like family to me.”  “Are you a Dragon Warrior?   Was that your dragon outside?”  With a laugh I told him that I was.   “We don’t get many of your type here in Lemuria.   Not many show up.”  “For what it’s worth, “I said, “I like what I have seen so far, so I can’t imagine why not!”  Changing the subject I asked him if he knew by any chance how long I would remain blue.   He admitted that it was hard to say.   The drink had different effects on different people and those effects lasted a varying range of time.   Well, at least I got free drinks for my friends!   I remembered that Mazrith had not had the chance of inquiring about rooms before he left, so I asked him if there was any chance of securing a few and what the charge would be.   “For you?  They’re free!” he said.   Free??????   Score!!  Trying to compose myself over my surprise and jubilation I asked him if he was sure.  “Normally we don’t get very many people through here.  However with the festival in town, this will bring us plenty.   And honestly it is to my advantage to have you stay here!   Once people hear that I have a Dragon Warrior staying at my tavern, we’ll get plenty of people through here.”  Happy at securing us some rooms for our stay and grateful to his honest and easy going manner, I thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and told Amayah that I was ready to head to the festival once we had stowed our things in our rooms.   I wanted to write some of this down before we head out to the festival.   I’ll write again as soon as I get back, Amayah is ready to head out for a night on the town.   Sooo excited!


In which there is a dream on the road to Wingard…..

Sometime during the night, while on the road to Wingard…..

The night is wracked with dreams that turn dark…

The area around us was unknown to me, fire and smoke obscure my vision. Ruined buildings and the bodies of the dead litter the ground and the fires made shadows dance all around me and the smoke stung my eyes. One lone shadow seemed to rush in and out of view, and seemed to move like the shadows themselves. I heard whispering but could not make out what is said, only some of it reached my ears: “You…die…why” I reached for my sword, only instead of my new sword, in my hand was the broken handle of the Sword of the World, taunting me.   “This is a dream,” I whispered.   “It must be.”   The shadow moved in and out of the ruins and the fires, always coming closer, the whispering always sounding so distant. The figure stopped in front of me, a large creature, its breathing labored as if it ready to pounce for an attack. The smoke was still  in my eyes,  making it difficult to see and the heat made me sweat which burned my eyes even more. The figure started to step closer each step forward took what seems like an eternity. The creature stepped out of the flames, its body decayed and burned, its armor covered in blood. The lips were pulled back, teeth bared snarling at me and the eyes full of hate and suffering. It lunged forward towards me, as it hit me the body passed through me like smoke and its words could be heard for the first time in there entirety: “Why did you let me die?!” The final words lingered in the air with great weight: “Why?”

“Felix….” I whispered, as a surge of emotions went through me.

I awoke  in my bedroll next to Theradon, drenched in sweat and breathing as if I had just been running for dear life, the beat of my heart beating deep in my throat.   Looking up I saw Theradon, Mazrith, and Amayah also sitting up in there bedrolls.   As we all looked at each other, a look of worry and regret was shared between all present.   There was no doubt in my mind that they had just witnessed the same dream I had.   My eyes sought out Theradon’s, wanting to seek the comfort of his arms.   Knowing that I would not be able to sleep the rest of the night, I got up instead, making my way to Tath’an’dral.   I could feel Gallant’s eyes on me as he glanced from his Watch for the night, his eyes picking up my movement within the camp.   Laying down next to Tath’an’dral, I cradled his head in my arms, breathing in his scent, that of the sea.   Knowing he missed Felix as much as the rest of us, I tried to be there to comfort him as best as I could.

In which there are mountains, Gnomes and rain!

Elodie the 12th of Novem, 977 (Arrival in the Port City of Madra in Lemuria)

 “It would be best if we headed out of Madra as quickly and quietly as possible,” said Galant, shortly upon our arrival.  As I took a look around the seedy looking population a whiff of reeking garbage and fish guts filled my nostrils.   Needless to say, I couldn’t agree more!   Galant explained that it would take a month for us to get to Wingard if we traveled on foot, so horses would be our best bet.  We quickly followed Galant as he lead us to a horse dealer, named Crazy Achmed.   After some dealing and swindling (probably more on Achmed’s part than ours) we bought some horses for those that needed them.  Amayah would be able to fly up ahead of us in the air since she has wings, and I would ride Tathandral on the ground as well.

We headed north of out of town, following a winding road that was very hilly and rocky.   Looking forward I could see that the terrain would prove to be treacherous and that the further inland we went the more mountains we would see.   I was quite excited at this prospect since I had never really gotten much of a chance to see mountains before!   They were like granite giants that had stood as silent sentinels.  Who knows what they have watched come to pass?   I will write more as our journey progresses!

Elodie the 18th of Novem, 977

We had been travelling for about six days when our journey was interrupted.   The hills were still plentiful in the area and we had just decided to make camp for the night.   I decided to try and get some sleep with the rest of the party before my turn of the watch when Amayah started yelling for us to wake up.   My eyes were still thick with sleep, but through my bond with Tathandral he showed me that there were about 3 creatures around our camp.   The creatures were squat and blubbery, and had almost a hairless body with pale sickly flesh, slack mount full of fangs.   Hoping to catch us all asleep in our beds, the creatures were not prepared to face our entire party awake and ready for battle.   We made short work of our creatures and remained vigilant for the rest of the night.

The next day we continued travelling northward to Wingard.   On the way their we came across a caravan of Gnomes who said they were heading to Madra from the dwarven city of Adrienos.   They were very friendly and willing to trade with us.  It was refreshing to see bright little spirits and people who were friendly and unsuspecting of us.   Though we were around them for less than an hour or so, they revived my dampened spirits.  These people truly saw good everywhere they looked and their cheerfulness was infectious.   It was a good day.   They had many items among their wares, including armor and weapons, but it was the bright baubles that caught my eye.   Though the way of the Dragon Warrior is fraught with peril, there was a part of me that still yearned for a simple woman’s life.   I eyed the bracelets, pendants and ear bobs and smiled as the memorizing light caught and played in the many angles of the bright stones.  With a sigh I set the pretties down and thanked them for their time.

Shortly after meeting with the tinker-like Gnomes, Galant informed us of another way to get to Wingard.   “There is a quicker way to get there, but I have to warn you it is more treacherous.   It will get us there a week faster, but we will risk more ambushes and stops so in the end it may prove to be the longer of the two paths.”   I voiced that if there was a quicker way we should take it, feeling confident that our party could beat most that came across the path.   The rest of the party was in agreement and so we altered our course slightly and started taking the road less travelled.

About 3 days after we had met with the Gnomes it began to rain.  They were horrible rains with much thunder and lightning.   At times it seemed impossible to see through the curtains of rain, which slowed our progress down to almost a crawl.   As the lightning lit up the sky we would be able to see our surroundings.   As a bolt of lightning lit up the sky, up ahead we were able to see a large object obstructing our path.   Ahead of us in the rain was a monster.  The creature shambled forward on thick taloned legs, vaguely reptilian in form, its large stooped frame ends in mostly in a featureless head, dominated by large ear structures and a gaping toothless mouth.   Before the party can spring into action the beast opened its mouth and produced a sonic like attack.  Not wanting to give the beast time to charge back up, Tathandral and I charged down the muddy trail, striking the beast as we passed.   We struck out a few more times and were able to cut down the beast before the rest of the party could come to harm.   I let out a whoop of wild exhilaration as Tath and I watched the beast’s body shudder with its final breath.   I beamed with joy knowing that we had done a good job, quickly dispatching the creature.

It has been 2 days since we came across the beast and nothing else has tried it’s luck against ours.   The rains have finally let up enough so that I could safely take out my journal and jot this down.   Tomorrow will be Elodie the 24th of Novem, 977, and our arrival in Wingard.

-The Farstrider known as Alusair

In which there is a battle with pirates, nights spent together, and land is reached!

Elodie, the 12th of Decem, 976 (Departure to Lemuria)

With the death of Felix still heavy on our minds and hearts, we spent the next two days helping with burials and rebuilding Alpaca.   The village donated a small boat for Felix’s funeral, which we laid him and his belongings in.   As we pushed it off into the water, we said a few words to say goodbye.   Lines from an old sailor’s passage came to mind:

And now, all in my own country,
I stood on the firm land!
The Hermit stepp’d forth from the boat,
And scarcely he could stand.

“O shrieve me, shrieve me, holy man!”
The Hermit cross’d his brow.
“Say quick,” quoth he, “I bid thee say—
What manner of man art thou?”

Forthwith this frame of mine was wrench’d
With a woful agony,
Which forced me to begin my tale;
And then it left me free.

Since then, at an uncertain hour,
That agony returns:
And till my ghastly tale is told,
This heart within me burns.

I pass, like night, from land to land;
I have strange power of speech;
That moment that his face I see,
I know the man that must hear me:
To him my tale I teach.”

 As we said our goodbyes, Tathandral flew over the boat, setting it on flames as he said his final farewells.   We set off shortly afterwards.   Theradon had been weighing heavy on my heart also.  I knew that I couldn’t ignore my discovery any longer and needed to speak with him about it.   I found my way to his cabin door and knocked.   He called for me to enter.   Looking up from studying the map, he said, “Good evening Alusair, how may I help you?”    “Good evening, Theradon,” I replied, “I’ve been meaning to speak with you.”   “Oh, what did you wish to speak about?”   “As you might know,” I began, “As a Dragon Warrior I am blessed with very few spells.”   He nodded in understanding, “I am aware, go on,” he said.   Taking a deep breath I continued, “Back when we were at the keep, I was trying to discern   Sophia intent, I suspected then that she might be working for the Shadow Man.   However I didn’t sense any evil in her at the time,” I paused slightly then finished with, “But I did sense it in you.”   “Oh?” he inquired, “Are you concerned about my role in our journey?”   Not wanting to alarm him I rushed on to explain, “I have never doubted your intent, or you.   I am concerned about *you* though.   I know you are loyal to the party and know that there are many levels of evil, just as there are many levels of good.  I have seen holy men do things they claim were in the name of good, but was truly evil.   Please, what is it that plagues you?  I would do all that I can to help you.   We have grown close these past few months….I would see us grow closer and help each other.”   “Don’t worry,” he assured me, “My intent is my own. Have no fear for me. I am on this journey for my own purposes, but I have no intent to see this world destroyed. Loyalty is everything to me, as long as you do not betray me then you have no need to worry.   I will not allow anyone to destroy my world and no one will stand in my way.”  Betray him?  I would never seek to do such a thing!   Wanting to get through to him I replied, “You know that I love you, I would not betray you, but I can only help you as much as you will let me.”   “I believe you,” he said, “You have proven yourself many times. If you wish to stand with me, then there is nothing to worry about. I will achieve my goals, follow me and I know you will achieve yours as well.”   Shaking my head slightly, I countered, “You do not know what my goals are.   And I also follow no one.  But I would walk beside you.   My goal to achieve perfect mastery remains unchanged.  I have decided, however, that in order to achieve that I will become the greatest Dragon Warrior.  I will become the Commander of the Dragon Warriors in Eternos someday.”   Upon telling him this, I stepped up to him, cupping his cheek slightly with my hand. “I know that I have sensed evil in you,” I told him, “But I have seen the good also.”   Gazing at me he replied back, “I can see it in your eyes, the fire, the passion, you want more, you want greater.”   I nodded slightly in agreement, “I do,” I admitted, “We are not so different, you and I.”   “Perhaps,” he agreed, “But I don’t intend to let anyone stop me.”   Worried that he thought maybe that was what I was trying to do, I poured my heart out to him.   “I want to be able to protect my friends.  If I can command the Dragon Warriors someday, no one will hurt them ever again.   I will be able to guide them to stop darkness wherever it may lurk.   I have no intentions of stopping you, Theradon.   I would not get in your way.   I know that a man can be both good and evil.  I do not believe you to wish harm on this group or mission.   Together we can stop the Shadow Man, save this world and achieve our dreams.   I just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help you, to listen to you.   I do not know what plagues you or haunts you.   But I am here for you.   I wanted you to know that I will continue loving you.”   He paused as if considering this and replied back, “I will stop him, there is no doubt about that. I will need all of you though to get there. Be strong, these will be trying times.”   Thinking back to some of our first conversations I smiled and told him, “I was right to give you the ebony puzzle box.  You are still an nigma to me.”   “You are a strong woman,” he replied, “I respect that strength.”    Slowly he leaned down and kissed me.   I tried not to act too startled as I kissed him back.   This was the first time that he initiated a kiss!   A thousand thoughts and scenarios whirled in my head, but I knew which one I wanted to play out.   As if sensing this, he offered for me to stay the night with him if I wished.   Grinning fiercely, I accepted.

 Elodie the 12th of Novem 977 (Arrival in the Port City of Madra in Lemuria)

We arrived today in Port Madra.   The port city is the worst that I have seen thus far.  It is very seedy and dingy looking.   It seems as if every race walked in the marketplace: Orcs, Half-Orcs, Gnomes, Halflings, though Humans did seem a bit sparse.   Thankful to be off the ship, we quickly made our plans as to where we were going to go next, since Galant cautioned us that spending an extended amount of time in Port Madra was not recommended.   We decided that the next place to continue our search would be to head West in search of the barbarian tribes to see if they could provide us with any information on Mondo the Strong.   Galant suggested that we head to the city of Wingard to start gathering information there.   Mazrith said that we had enough money set aside that we could each get some, and gave each of us 20 platinum pieces.  I wish there was a better chance for shopping in this town so I could get a new dress!   Since it seemed that we were in no hurry to head straight for Windguard, I decided that I would write in this journal, to recount the rest of the voyage.

The voyage was fairly uneventful for the most part.   We celebrated the New Year as well as the Festival of Lights.   I found my thoughts wander back to last year and how we had celebrated it Felix and our other friends at the time.   I lit a candle in memory of him and prayed that his spirit had found rest and would watch over us on our journey.

I don’t know the exact date since time seemed to blur as we were on the ship, but at one point we were attacked by pirates.   Though I don’t know the exact date, I will never forget that ship.   Black sails hung down, and even with holes, the ship still sails.   The large ship is dark and imposing, as if a shadow was cast over it to make it more dangerous.   “We should leave quickly, very quickly.  It’s the Dreadnaught,” said Michael, the ship’s sole crew member.   Within minutes the ship was boarded by pirates.   As we fought our attackers off, Theradon shouted, “I invoke the right of parlay!”   The pirates stopped fighting and one shouted out, “Hold your weapons, he invokes parlay!   We will take you to the Captain,” he said, “But only you.”   Theradon nodded in agreement and followed the pirate aboard the Dreadnaught.   Time seem to slow as the minutes ticked by and we waited for Theradon to return.   As we waited I noticed the air on the Weatherlight started to grow hot, the wind doing nothing to offer comfort.   As I looked around I noticed a strange energy emanating from Mazrith!   This was something new, I hadn’t seen this happen with him before!   A light grew brightly around him and his hair changed from black to gold and back again as an immense surge of power erupted from him.   He stood there in an imposing stance on the deck; golden hair standing on end, green eyes intimidating the pirates on deck.   The pirates all took a step back.   About that same time I saw Theradon fly up into the air and cast a firestorm spell on the Dreadnaught.  A barrier suddenly sprang to life, saving the ship.   Even from the Weatherlight I could hear the Captain of the Dreadnaught shout, “Kill them all!”  The pirates were then spurred back into action and the battle resumed.   As we fought against the pirates, I noticed Theradon fly back over to the Weatherlight.   Sheathing his sword, I saw Maz fold his hands together as an orb of light formed between them.   Shouting something I couldn’t understand Mazrith pushed his hands forward in front of him as energy shot out, vaporizing the pirate in front of me, and putting a hole into the Dreadnaught.   I glanced around to see how our other companions fared.   Seeing Galant was down, I made my way over to him to heal him as best as I can with my meager skills.   “Are you ok?   Fight isn’t over yet!” I said with a savage grin.   He nodded.   The Dreadnaught started to pull away and the remaining pirates tried to flee with the ship.   Those that weren’t cut down, fell into the ocean.

Time to go look for horses, Galant is saying that it is a month to Wingard.


In which there is a gem found, betrayal, and the death of a friend. (Part 2)

Soren, the 9th of Decem 976(Back in Alpaca)

We got back to the village without any troubles.   At Alpaca I asked Sophia if she would be travelling on ship from here or if she would be heading further inland.  She said that she would be leaving us here in Alpaca to journey onwards further into Angora.   She turned to me with open arms and enfolded me in an embrace and spoke warmly to me to take care.   She then turned to Theradon and kissed him on the cheek and told him to take care of me.   She bowed to Mazrith, offered a hug to Amayah, who instead opted for a handshake and the same with Felix.   And with that she was gone.

Our first order of business was to try and sell some of the weapons and armor that we had acquired.   The local blacksmith was a dwarf who was very knowledgeable.   He informed us that the sword that I had and the armor were both made of adamantine.   The weapons and rest of the armor were all of masterwork quality.   Mazrith thanked him for his help and gave him his pick of the armor and weapons in ways of thanks.   Next Mazrith and I proceeded to find Captain Rito, while the others went aboard The Weatherlight.   Mazrith and I managed to find a very drunken Captain Rito playing cards with an elf, dwarf, and another human.   As we walked over to the drunken Captain, Mazrith whispered to me, “Quick, use your sex appeal to get him to accept the offer!”   Stunned I stopped in my tracks.   Was he joking?   Mazrith never jokes!   So surely he was being serious….Very confused, I recalled how my last attempt at using feminine wiles with the wizards back in Eternos went…As we walked up to the Captain I tried my luck.   The exact words I used escape me, but let us just say I was not the smooth talking woman I was hoping to portray.   Defeated, I went up to the bar and ordered myself a drink.

As I surveyed the scene from my seat at the bar I noticed that Mazrith was trying to convince the Captain to go with him back in the ship.   Tiring of being diplomatic, Mazrith grabbed him and proceeded to drag him out the door, while the Captain exclaimed, “My coins, you’re dropping them!”   Chuckling to myself, I motioned to my friend that I would meet up with them and continued to enjoy the rest of my drink.   “So much for having a handsome man buy me a drink.   Sex appeal, ha!” I muttered to myself.   “I’ll buy you a drink,” said an unfamiliar male voice behind me.   Turning I noticed the man who had been playing cards with Captain Rito.   He had a golden sheen to his skin to match his shoulder length golden hair.   To be blunt, he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen.   Standing at about 6,’ he still towered over me as I sat in the bar stool. “I couldn’t….um…help but to….um…over hear that you’re….with…um the….Captain?” he stammered out slightly as if looking for the right words to use, or how to approach the subject.   Wanting to put him at ease I laughed slightly, smiled and asked him, “Are you always this eloquent?”   As if on familiar ground he smiled and replied, “Only when I’m talking to beautiful women.”   My heart skipped a beat as I could feel my face turn ten different shades of red.   Beautiful?   I’ve never been called beautiful before!   A Dragon Warrior’s life is far from glamorous; even Theradon had never called me that.   Growing slightly wary that the stranger was some type of would-be womanizer, I got out of my chair.   Beautiful, indeed!  Ha! I bet he uses that “just off the farm shy-boy” routine as a way to get women! Well not this woman!   One of Theradon’s smiles was worth a hundred compliments from this pretty boy!   “I have to go,” I said suddenly, and bolted for the door.   “Wait!” he called out.   As I got out the door, Tath moved over to join me.   The man followed me outside.  “Wait,” he said, “I need a ship.”   “What type of ship are you looking for?”    He proceeded to explain to me that he had been working on a contract that had brought him to Angora but now that the contact was filled, he needed passage off the island.   “Well I’m not sure where you’re going, but we’re heading to Lemuria.”   “Lemuria?” he asked.   “That’s where I’m from, and actually where I need to head back to.”   “You’re from Lemuria?” I asked.   “Maybe you could be our guide then!   My name is Alusair, and this is my dragon, Tathandral.”   In my voice, Tathandral said “He smells funny”   “What do you mean?” I asked Tath.   “He smells like a dragon,” he explained, “but doesn’t look like a dragon.”   I looked at the man again.   “My name is Galant, by the way,” the man said.   Still wary I looked into his purple eyes and saw sincerity.   I nodded and proceeded to show him to the Weatherlight.

I introduced Galant to the rest of my friends and explained that he was a native of Lemuria and that he was willing to be our guide since it seemed he also needed to travel back to Lemuria anyways.  Captain Rito told him that it would be 500 gold for passage, but Mazrith interceded and offered to put him on our tab.   Galant thanked him.  Mazrith turned to me and said “You’re responsible for him,” and strode off.   Galant introduced himself to the rest of the party, bowing slightly over Amayah’s hand as he kissed it.   Quite the gentleman it would seem!   I thought about warning her about him, but my friend had proven that she was capable of taking care of herself.   After a bit of consultation the crew decided that we would ship out in the morning.   As the sun began to set I could faintly hear the minstrels and bards tuning their instruments.   Music!   They were going to play music tonight at the Inn!   I dashed downstairs to the room, stripped off my armor, washed and got dressed in my blue dress.   Noting its slightly wrinkled appearance, I vowed to get a new dress the next time we were in a large city for some shopping.   I went back up on deck, sword in hand and announced that I was going to enjoy the rest of the evening at the Inn listening to music and dancing.   Amayah and Theradon both said that they thought that was a great idea.   Holding out a hand to Theradon, he took it, and together the three of us set out for the Inn.

I wasted no time in joining the dancing and merriment.   Diving in, I picked up my dress and danced with the locals.   The steps of the dance were not ones that I knew, so I just made some of my own up. My heart soared and all my cares fell away as I lost myself in the music for at least a short time.   After a few fast paced sets, the music slowed.   “Theradon,” I called out, “Come dance with me!” As I looked over at him, I noticed that he hadn’t needed my prompting, he had already proceeded to make his way towards me.   I looked around for Amayah and noticed that at some point she had slipped out of the Inn.   Checking with Tath, he confirmed that she had decided to get some fresh air and go out for a walk.   As we danced together slowly, I closed my eyes, content to be so close to Theradon and savored the moment.   How could a man like this be evil?   Shoving the thought aside, I was happy to just enjoy the moment with him.

“DANGER!” came the mental shout from Tathandral.   I stopped in mid-dance.   “Where, Tath,” I asked.   “Monsters in town!” he replied back.   “What’s wrong?” asked Theradon.   “There are monsters in town,” I told him.   Focusing on Tathandral I asked him in a hurry, “Where are they?   What kind?   How many?”  he replied back, “They’re everywhere!”   Suddenly there was a crash as a black being hurtled into the Inn through the window.   Taking advantage of the panic and confusion the black monster started slaying everything around it.   It was one of the shadow demons that we had seen before!   I willed myself into action to grab my sword.   If the shadow demons were here, then the Shadow Man had to be close by.   Looking up at Theradon, I noticed that he had taken off the amulet that I had always seen him wearing and hand it to me.   “Here, put this on,” he said.   “It’s ok, I can cast armor on myself, you keep it,” I replied back.   “You are not in an advantageous position.   Wear it, I cannot afford to chance losing you in this battle.”   Stunned that he had spoken so freely, I looked at him and said, “And I cannot afford to lose you either, but I will do as you say for now.   You’re a good fighter, don’t take any needless chances.   We need you…I need you.”   Taking the amulet from his hand, I placed it around my neck.   Cupping his cheek with my hand, I kissed him.   He returned the kiss, then broke it off saying, “There is no worry for me, this shall be fun!”   Nodding, I said, “Then let us dance, my love!”

Turning we faced the demon in the inn and dispatched him.   Theradon shouted and commanded for the people in the Inn to not go outside and take refuge upstairs in the Inn.   Together we dashed outside.   “Tathandral,” I called out mentally, “Look after Theradon.  Don’t worry about me, stick with him and protect him.”   Tath nodded and took to the air.   Holding my the skirt of my blue dress in my hand, sword in the other, I took off running to look for the rest of the demons.   We found them every outside.  It was worse than last time, there were more of them.   I had Tathandral guide me from the air as I searched frantically for the closest member of our party.   My thoughts turned to Amayah, potentially caught unaware outside on her walk.   Tathandral said that she was confronting a demon and had entangled some roots about them.   I proceeded to head towards Mazrith and dove into the fray, trying not to worry about Theradon or the rest of my friends.   I needed to focus on the battle at hand.

Somehow in the middle of the fighting and chaos, Amayah had managed to find me and continued to fight next to me.   Galant miraculously showed up with my armor as well.   Amayah hurried to help me hastily don it.   Looking up she noticed I was wearing Theradon’s amulet.   “Theradon gave it to me,” I told her in celestial.  It seemed we were about to have the talk that we hadn’t had time for previously.   As she helped me buckle straps and get armor on, I proceeded to tell her about the talk that Theradon and I had in the Inn.   “He said he can’t afford to lose me!” I recounted to her.   “Amayah, you are my best friend, but I must confess as much as I love him, I sense…evil in him.”   “Ah so you did sense it,” she replied, hands working quickly and deftly.   “I wanted to confront him first but, he is evil.  I found out when I detected evil in the room of the Lich king.  But the fact that he gave you the amulet and is being so nice to you…please be careful,” she said.   “I will,” I told her.   “I realize now is not the best time to have this conversation, but we may not get another chance. I know that you can sense those things, so I wanted to confer with you.   I know there is good in him though!  I don’t believe him to be very evil, I have known theives who would be considered evil, but they indeed are not…LOOK OUT!” I shouted, our conversation cut short as a female looking demon landed next to us.   “I wasn’t one with you….” She said to Amayah.  That voice sounded familiar!   Looking up, I couldn’t believe it.   It was Sophia.   As she struck Amayah with one of her swords, I shoved Amayah behind me, trying to protect her, Sophia’s other sword biting into my exposed flesh as I did so.   It felt as if the sword and bit down deep into my soul.   Taking a defensive stance to protect Amayah, Sophia flew off.  Apparently she had grown horns and wings since we had seen her that morning!   “Theradon,” she purred.   I turned and saw as she landed near him and raised her sword up to strike him down.   Knowing how badly she had just hit me, I feared for the worst.   Time seemed to slow as her sword swung down towards him.   Suddenly Felix was standing next to Theradon.  As the sword headed for Theradon, Felix shoved him out of the way….taking the blow intended for Theradon.   Theradon was shoved into something that had been conjured by Amayah to harm Sophia.   Both Felix and Theradon fell to the ground, unmoving.   Sophia cursed as Felix took the blow intended for Theradon.   “Nooooooooooooooo!” I screamed out, in rage and pain.   I found myself surrounded in darkness.   I looked for the flame that I knew I would find there.   A light flickered in front of me.  “My friends!” I sobbed.   “I need to help them!”   A deep male voice answered, “Do you want to help them?”   “Yes, please I want to help them.   I love them”   “Then take my power,” he replied.   As always I asked, “At what cost?”   “The cost,” he said “is mine to say and will come at a time of my choosing.”   “In hopes that it will not later harm my friends or jeopardize our mission…deal.”   “Then take my strength and make it yours,” he said.   “Thank you,” I whispered.   The darkness faded away and was replaced with the battle.  I looked down and saw that I was encased in a black armor with dragon wings.  The armor had highlights of green, red, white and blue also.   I charged across the opening between me and Sophia, and struck at her.   She seem surprised as my sword bit deep into her.   “You were my friend!,” I screamed.  “I trusted you!”   “   “Felix was a great ally,” I heard Theradon say.    “You will regret this. Now run back to your master like the one who came before you and tell him I am coming. I am coming and I will not allow you to destroy this world.”   Sophia laughed and called us fools, and flew off.   Theradon was safe!   I turned to see that Amayah had been close to him and must have healed him enough that he was able to get back up.   As we kneeled down around Felix rain started to fall.   “C’mon Tath, lets take him back to the ship.”   As we headed back to the ship, Theradon fell in step with me.   I handed him back the amulet.   “Thank you,” I told him.   “You fought well.”   “We all did,” replied Theradon.   “We have suffered a great loss today, but the enemy was pushed back. They now know we are a force to be reckoned with.”   “I take heart in the knowledge,” I told him.   “Sophia will pay…I feared I feared for the worse when I saw both of you fall.  Felix was a good friend, Tath loved him dearly.  I will avenge Felix.”   Back in my room, I noticed my foot hit something on the floor.   Reaching down I found my journal that I had thought lost.   It has been a long day and tomorrow we will bury Felix and help rebuild the town.   I am more determined than ever now to obtain perfect mastery.   I will become the more respected and renowned Dragon Warrior…The Commander of all Dragon Warriors in Eternos.  If I can be the commander I can help guide them to fight the darkness and evil in the world.   I’m not powerful enough to protect my friends, but I will be….someday….

-Alusair Farstrider, Dragon Warrior of the Bronze Dragon Tath’an’dral

In which there is a gem found, betrayal, and death of a friend (Part 1)

Soren, the 9th of Decem 976

 Ah ha! I finally found it! I knew I left this thrice-curst journal somewhere! I hadn’t realized that it has been so long since I have written in here. So much has happened…

Elodie, 23rd of Aperire 976 (Fourth Day in Eternos)

Picking up where I last left off, we did board a ship the next day. It was a beautiful ship known as the Weatherlight.. As it turns out fate smiled as us…or perhaps it was more of an ironic grin because the Captain of the ship ended up being none other than Captain Jasmine’s husband: Captain Rito. For a fee he agreed to take us aboard and travel to Angora. I had learned the previous day that there was an old fort where Azreal the Fair had been assigned to and it seemed a great place to continue the next leg of our quest. At last, we had some real direction and what seemed like a solid clue on where to go. Captain Shean was there to see us off, and was kind enough to give me some coin to help on my journey. With a hug, I thanked him and we set off. It was at that point that I must have lost this journal! For the most part the 5 month journey to Angora was fairly uneventful. There was another passenger on the ship, a beautiful woman named, Sophia. I was filled with jealousy for she seemed to have an…interest in Theradon. For months I did nothing. I would try to not be around. I didn’t own him or control him, he could speak with who he wished to. But it always seemed that she knew when I was around and would drape herself on him or his path! Mazrith had started to notice the change in my attention and mood. I would go from completely distracted to overly aggressive in our sparring bouts. I was somewhat surprised when he asked me if I wished to speak with him about it. I confided in Mazrith and confessed my growing feelings for Theradon to him. Mazrith then told me that Theradon actually was not trusting of the woman, and encouraged me to tell Theradon of my feelings. I went back to my rooms to contemplate this. My heart soared knowing that Theradon did not return the woman’s feelings. As I was getting ready to go speak with him, there was a knock on my door. It was Theradon. He asked if I had been feeling well and why he had not seen me lately. Shamefaced, I told him that it was because I had been jealous and felt intimidated by the woman’s grace and beauty. He told me that he did not trust her and thanked me for telling him how I felt. Emboldened by this, I leaned over and kissed him. While he did not turn away, he did not return it either, and left. I was a sea of emotions, at least I had finally told him! As I went back up to the deck of the ship I saw Sophia was there talking with Theradon, looking over at me she grabbed him and kissed him. It felt like an icy fist had knocked the wind out of me! Outraged I started to head over to her, but I saw Theradon push himself away from her and told her that her feelings were unrequited. Smiling I headed back down to my room.

5 months later, roughly~Liv, :2nd of Decem, 976 (Arrival in Alpaca, Angora)

 We arrived in the town of Alpaca. Unsure of where the Keep of Azreal the Fair might be, we went to the locals to ask them if they knew. Strangely, none of them knew what we were talking about and hadn’t heard of Azreal. I started to suspect that maybe magic was involved in this…It seemed all convenient when Sophia walked up and told us that she was in fact a treasure hunter and knew the location of the keep. She then also said that she would be willing to be our guide for a cut of the treasure…To say in the least…I may have lost my temper with her. I mean seriously? When would she stop being perfect? I am quite embarrassed to say that I said some unkind words to her and stormed off. After I had cooled down though, I realized that I was being irrational and not acting as a Dragon Rider should. I made my way back to the tavern, bought a bottle of wine, grabbed two glasses and went to make amends. We sat down and talked and it was like we were old friends catching up. She admitted defeat over Theradon and told me that he must care for me greatly to resist her advances. We talked about armor and weapons, and laughed about men. She accepted my apology and agreed to join the group. Shortly afterwards we set off on the 3 day journey for the Keep.

Aviva, 5th of Decem 976 (Arrival at the Keep)

 We arrived at the Keep, without many troubles. After some searching around the grounds we entered the front doors of the ancient stronghold. There was a door that was locked to us, we continued forward I remember at one point we found a trapped piece of the floor. Theradon slumped forward as he set off the trap, trying to pull him back, I was also zapped as I felt a strange jolting current surge through my body, then there was just darkness until I came to. The others had managed to pull us off the trap. We continued on and found a throne room. Theradon took the lead and started to head into the room. I remember Amayah cautioning him not to go any further. Without hesitation, Theradon approached the throne and the body that sat upon it came to life. It seemed that the Keep still had a few inhabitants and this Lich was upset that we had awoken him! He told us to leave. Theradon replied back to him and the Lich attacked. I sprung forward into action to help defend him against the evil Lich. We exchanged blows and the rest of the party fought off his denizens. I dealt the Lich a blow. Time seemed to slow has he whirled around, pointed a bony finger at my sword and whispered, “Shatter.” In an instant my sword was blown apart. Metal shards went flying into the Lich, as well as into the rest of the room. It seems that as an act of defiance the sword managed to deal a mortal blow to the Lich at its on cost. In shock and without a weapon, the others killed the Lich and his creatures. As more undead started to arrive through a door, Amaya used her druidic skills to warp the wood of the door, thus lodging it closed. I was crestfallen; I couldn’t believe that my sword was gone. Though I had just started to use it, it felt like an old friend had died in that instant, and a small piece of me with it. As silly as it sounds, I mourn its loss. Mazrith helped me collect the shards, and after looting the Lich, he handed me one of his own blades so I would not be without a weapon. Theradon also offered me one of his spell blades in exchange for Mazrith’s sword. I consulted with Mazrith and exchanged weapons with Theradon. The party was in need of healing and rest, so we sought and took refuge in the Keep’s courtyard. There was a beautiful fountain with carvings and some water. Though I was feeling a little parched, after Amayah announced that the water was safe to drink, I let the others take their turn first, there was not enough to go around for everyone, so I got ready to take my turn for watch. During my watch, I remember hearing a song that was being sung somewhere inside the Keep. I looked over to Sophia and saw that she was swaying to the music. I mentally reached out to Tath and asked him to wake the party. After some time the singing continued and seemed to move on through the Keep, past us. The others went back to sleep and I continued my watch until it was time to rest.

Elodie, 6th of Decem 976 (Second day at the Keep)

 The next morning we awoke and prepared to finish searching the rest of the Keep. After going through some hallways, we approached a long corridor shrouded in darkness that seemed to go for miles forwards. Being able to see well in darkness, I saw that the hallway was not as long as that, and sent Tathandral to go see how long it was. He reported back that there was a pillar up ahead. Theradon cautiously stepped forward, searching for traps, of which he found a great many. He continued along but was unable to find a way to safely disarm the trapped floor for the rest of us. Amaya cast some sort of druidic spell so that I could climb like a spider along the walls, while the rest were flown over to the traps. Amayah had told us while she was scouting in the air above us that there were suits of armor in alcoves in the next part of the hallway and that they seemed to be protecting something. Thankfully we were prepared to fight the magical suits when we all got safely past the traps. The battle lasted longer than I would have anticipated. Thanks to Mazrith, we discovered that they were powered by a yellow gem inside the suit and that to stop it we had to get the gem out. During this battle, Theradon broke Mazrith’s sword that he had loaned us. Feeling that the Keep must be cursed for breaking weapons, we pressed on and managed to defeat the suits. As we continued down the hallway, our search had finally paid off, we had found the gem of Azreal the Fair. Theradon approached the pillar and attempted to try and take it off the pillar. As he reached out to grab it he was flung with much force backwards, out of the room. I was slightly surprised to see Amayah try to reach the gem next. Maybe it called to her? She managed to take the gem with no problems at all. There was a substantial amount of treasure, armor and weapons also in the room. I noticed that there was a set of full plate with an odd gleam to it, and some swords with a similar gleam. The party agreed it would be acceptable for me to use the full plate armor and take one of the swords for a new sword. As I was donning the new armor, I could over hear that Sophia wanted the gem for herself. I started to get uneasy as she argued with the rest of the group over it. As she grew more insistent, I panicked and was convinced that she was working for the Shadow Man! Calling upon my meager magical powers due to being a Dragon Warrior, I tried to sense if there was some sort of evilness in her. I felt immediate relief when I didn’t sense anything from her. Surely I must have just been over-reacting, she did say after all that she was a treasure hunter….but wait….I did feel something….from someone else. My hands froze in mid action, and it seemed my heart skipped a beat. I must have been mistaken, but I double checked again….Theradon. Theradon was giving off an evil aura and feeling. I called out to Tath and asked if he could sense what I was sensing. He replied that he couldn’t and wanted to know if everything was ok. I told him that everything was fine. In the background I could hear Sophia back down from getting the gem and agreed to take the scepter and crown instead. I called out to Amayah and asked if she could come assist me with my armor. As she walked over to me I whispered to her in celestial: “I need to speak with you in private.” She looked at me, nodded, and said “I need to speak with you also.” I knew that Amayah’s druidic magic gave her the ability to discern if someone was good or evil, and I knew I could trust her to give me a second opinion. Hundreds of different scenarios and reasons went through my head. Growing up I knew many thieves and technically they could be counted as evil. Surely Theradon wasn’t as evil as say….a black dragon, or the Lich that we fought, or the Shadow Man. Whatever it was, I was determined to find out when the time was right, and if possible it just made me care about him more. Maybe I could help him find the good in his heart, by opening my heart to him and showing the good in mind. Whatever the case may be, Amayah and I wouldn’t get our chance to talk for a few more days. With our treasure in tow, we started to make the 3 day journey back to the village of Alpaca.

-Alusair Farstrider