Alusair’s Description

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Alusair Farstrider

Alusair Farstrider is a Dragon Warrior, bonded to the Bronze Dragon, Tathandral.   She is of the Aasimar race.   Aasimar are planetouched people.  They are usually decended from a coupling of a human and a celestial.   *For more information on Aasimar, please see my link on the bottom right hand side of the page.*

This being looks like a beautiful human, with calm, serene features and an inner radiance that shines from its face.”

Alusair has white-blonde hair, creamy-golden skin and golden eyes.  The only features that mark her as an Aasimar are her golden eyes and small golden feathers on her back where wings would be.   Alusair found Tathandal’s egg when she was 12 and has only been at the monastery for 6 years, making her 18 at the start of this game.    Alusair’s alignment is Chaotic Good.   Dragon Riders usually follow two deities; one humanoid and one draconic.  Alusair follows Kord, the God of Strength and Courage, the Lord of Storms, and Hlal, dragon deity of humor and storytelling.   Alusair had an interesting run-in with Kord which lead her to Tathandral’s egg when she was little, which is described in the Character History section.   Since she grew up as an orphan, Alusair earned the nickname of “Farstrider” because of the great lengths she went through to to prove herself worthy of a Dragon Warrior.  Upon leaving the Dragon Warrior Monastery, she took it as her surname.

While growing up Alusair had a rough life.  She was an orphan that lived with various foster families until she found Tathandral’s egg.   She tries her best not to let others see her emotional or physical pain strives to have a bright disposition on life.   The only proof of the trials and physical hardships that she faced growing up are the silvery scars on her hands and fingers common for a warrior and a dragon handler, and the scars across her lower back where she was punished as a child when she was whipped with a willow switch by bad foster parents.   Even though she tries to not let the past bother her, she will have the occasional nightmare that will leave her shaken.   Since Alusair brought her egg to the Monastery (as opposed to bonding with one already in their possession) , she seeks and strives to gain their acceptance and prove herself equal and worthy of them.   She loves Tathandral fiercely with every fiber of her being, he is the one being that she knows will never hurt or betray her, he is her friend and her family.  The only true family she has ever known.   Since she was constantly bullied, picked on and abused as a child, Alusair’s goal in life is to achieve Perfect Mastery in the fighting arts so that way no one can ever hurt her or pick on her again.  She stands up to bullies and will defend those weaker than herself.  Perfect Mastery is something that will take her whole life to achieve, but that is her ultimate goal.

Alusair has a sense of adventure.   On a ship you would find her working next to the crew, making jokes with them. Up in the crow’s nest eyes closed, arms spread wide.   She loves music and loves to dance. She’s the type that if there is a musician playing in a tavern or Inn, she is going to grab the closest person, man or woman and start dancing with them in a simple country dance.   She will sing for the group around the fire if they wish or even at an Inn if there is no one else performing.   Accustomed to hard work, she rises with the dawn and practices her foot and weapon work with drills and patterns similar to Tai Chi.   She makes sure that her armor, weapons, tack and dragon are clean, and will do another set of drills before going to sleep each night.   To achieve Perfect Mastery, she is always going to work to hone her skills and stay in top fighting shape, and learn wherever and whatever she can of the fighting arts.   She is mostly seen in her armor.  She feels more comfortable in it than out of it.  Although she tries to be cheerful the armor is very much a mental and emotional comfort as well as physical.

Dragon Warriors:

Flying high above the world on the back of a dragon, protecting and defending it and the people that live there, fighting with sword and spell and the power of their mount, a Dragon Warrior is a force to be reckoned with. Dragon Warriors don’t go adventuring for treasure or thrills, they do it for the experience of honing his skills, learning things that they can’t learn from books or training.

Anyone can choose to be a Dragon warrior, but a true warrior is chosen by its dragon companion.  If a warrior is not chosen by a dragon, he can still learn the ways of the dragon warrior, but does not have the privilege of fighting along side a dragon.  Dragon warriors usually work with other dragon warriors; they are an elite fighting force together.  But when alone, they prefer to work with Paladins, Rangers, and Druids, because they fight along side with animals.  And they respect Wizards and Sorcerers for their mastery of the arcane arts.


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