List of Terms

  • En taro adun = an ancient greeting
  • The Ancients = the first humanoid race that inhabited the world before the other races, created the rest of the humanoid races.
  • Tolarian Academy = hidden school of magic on the isle of Tolaria, an old man known as “Urza” is the headmaster.
  • Etermos = largest port city in the world, anything and everything can be found there.
  • Licids = magical creatures that bestow unique properties on their owner.   A symbiotic relationship is formed.  Possibly created by the Ancients.
  • “By the Ancients!” = common saying.
  • Achaia = name of the world.
World Information:
Two moons circle around the planet; the phases control the flow of the tide and the forms of lycanthropes.   Once every three months, the moons will be in a full moon phase which lasts for one week.   Rhea has a cycle of 31 days, and Umbriel has a cycle of 30 days.
Days of the Week:
  • Aviva
  • Elodie
  • Ida
  • Liv
  • Sorren
  • Tomika
Months of the Year:
  • Janus 30 days
  • Mars 38 days
  • Aperire 30 days
  • Novem 30 days
  • Maia 29 days
  • Septem 30 days
  • Augustus 27 days
  • Februo 28 days
  • Decem 28 days
  • Juno 30 days
  • There are 290 days a year and 26 hours in each day.
Races the Ancients Created:


Elves are the longest lived of all the races on Achaia, averaging at 1500 years, with some reaching 2000 years of age.  Reaching maturity at 100 years, this is usually the time a young elf will determine what they want to do for the rest of its life, choosing an apprenticeship, staying with their master and learning the desired trade for 100 years before being released to go forth and study on their own.  Most elves will not look for a mate until their 350 year, mastering their trade and making them known.  Once wed, an elfin family will have one or two children, it does sometimes occur that more are born, but it does not happen often.  The royal family will have more children, to ensure the survival of the bloodline, but the number of children will not pass five.

Elves average about 6’03”, but do range in height from 5’6” to 6’07”.  Very lean in stature they are very agile and are some of the best archers in all the lands.  Hair color varies, from a light blond, brown, silver, green, and black; some have been seen with white or purple, believing these are descendant from dark elves.  The skin of the elves is fair, no matter what color it takes, most are ivory or bronze-brown.  Their eyes are blue, green, grey or silver, and gold, like with the hair, some have purple or red showing their lineage.

Primarily found in the Evergreen Forest, elves have settlements throughout the entire forest, but their largest is Morrowind, found in the center of the woods.  The elves are ruled by a single royal family, and the eldest child is crowned as the new ruler, either when the old ruler passes or decides to pass the crown on.

Since the passage of time has little meaning to elves, they do not keep time like the rest of the races of Achaia.  They count the passing of their rulers, each new ruler being a new age.


            Dwarves are the second longest lived race on Achaia.  An average dwarf can reach 500 years, while the oldest one reached 947 years.  Reaching maturity at 30 a dwarf will leave his home and take an apprenticeship for 10 to 15 years, finally leaving their master and perfecting their skill.  A dwarf will usually take a mate around their fiftieth year, but it has been documented that it could occur earlier or later in life, depending on the circumstances.  Dwarf families will have several children; it is customary for dwarves to have a large family.  Each dwarf family is part of a clan; there are thirteen clans within the dwarven community, each clan has a specialization, farming, mining, smithing (weapon and armor), religion, cooking, gem crafting, herding, tailoring, scholars, artisans, military, and traders.  Young dwarfs are not restricted to their own clan, they can leave and join another if they so wish.  Intermarrying is common place between the clans; the male determines which clan the family will belong to.

Average dwarf height is 4’04”, but ranging from 4’ to 4’6”, with females being shorter than males.  Stocky and compact they are very strong, which is why their smithies produce items that are highly sought after.  Dwarf hair and beard color are brown, red and black, in some rare occasions, some have blond hair.  Eye color ranges from black, grey, green, and brown; and skin tones vary from dark cream to light tan color.

Living underground digging their tunnels, dwarves can be found on both continents.  Their largest city is Ironforge, located under the Spine on the continent of Gondawon; smaller settlements are located under the rest of the mountain range and under the mountains of Lemuria.  Each clan is ruled over by one chief; usually this chief is the head of the wealthiest and most powerful family within the clan.  While the entire dwarven community is ruled by a king or queen; this ruler is elected by the clan chiefs.  This is a long and arduous process, involving a lot of promises and deals, to ensure the greatest good for all of dwarven kind.


            Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and are the shortest lived of all the races in Achaia.  With a standard life span of 60 – 70 years, they manage to accomplish a lot of tasks before their time is up.  On average, humans are 5’9” and can reach up to 6’3”, with females being shorter and lighter than males, but this is not always the case.  With a variety of eye and hair colors, humans seem to be the most prolific and varied of all the species on Achaia.  Their blood is the most diluted and mixed with of all the species, it is very common to see half-humans in many settlements.  Once reaching the sixteenth year of age, an adolescent human male will either choose to marry or an apprenticeship, where he will spend the next three to four years studying under his master.  After this time he will than go out into the world and make a living to support his family.  And then there are those that choose to go out into the world and make a name for themselves by seeking adventure, these occurrences are few and those that do survive don’t always make themselves known to the world.

Humans do not have a specific homeland, they can be found on all landmasses.


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