Tathandral’s Description

*Please see the link for Tathandral’s Theme Song on the bottom right hand side of the page*

Tathandral is a Bronze Dragon, bonded to his Rider, Alusair.

Tathandral's Human Form

Tathandral as a Wyrmling

“The dragon has a ribbed and fluted crest, sweeping back from its cheeks and eyes.  The ribs in the crests end in curving horns.   The dragon also has small horns on its lower jaw and chin.  It has a beaklike snout and a small head frill, as well as a tall neck frill.  The scent of the sea surrounds the dragon, and its scales have a metallic, golden brown cast.”

Tathandral is a age category of “Young” at this point in the campaign.   The dragons of the world will age quickly through their early years so that way riders and dragons can work together quicker.   Tath is a inquisitive dragon and is full of mischief and fun.   His scales are a golden bronze color with a tint of green and has green eyes.   He is devoted and loves Alusair fiercely and will protect her at whatever cost.   Since Tath is a bronze dragon, he has the ability to polymorph to any animal or humanoid of a medium size.

*For more information about Bronze Dragons, please see the link on the bottom right hand side of the page.*


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