The Players

This page is for the other player characters that are in the party.    Some have backgrounds stories to share, others just have pictures.

Amayah Syn and her golden eagle, Siria

Amayah Syn is the druid in our group and our healer.   She is a full celestial and is Alusair’s best friend.   Many nights are spent up late talking into the the night, giggling with pillows hurled at the other’s head.   This is a story that Amayah wrote for he background story:

I woke up crying.  It was that dream again.  As a child it plagued me nightly for months at a time.  Slowly, I’d managed to forget it.

Forget the cold…

Forget the dark…

Forget the loneliness…

Someone is carrying me.  Someone normally warm and comforting, but now their heart is racing against my cheek as they hold me close.  The wind whips at the back of my head and wings, which tug and pull in response to the buffets of air.  I tried to pull them tighter around me, but they didn’t always obey me.  A whimper escapes me as a sudden change in direction allowed the wind to snap at my left wing, pulling it out straight behind me.

“Shh, my Avriel.  You must make no sound.  All will be well,” a deep rumbling voice whispered in my ear as my wing was gently smoothed against my back.  “Sleep now.”

Darkness surrounds me.  Darkness and cold.  Again, I try to make my wings obey and this time they furl gently around me, bringing some warmth.  Something hard scratches the bottom of my legs and back.  Wind buffets me from both directions but with that wind, a sound of rustling leaves fills my ears.  A tree.  It must be a tree.  Father had flown me to the top of a tree in the park by our home.  But this is different.  This is not fun.  I am scared.  So scared.  Tears stream down my face but I make no noise.  I promised I would make no noise.


A sound awoke me.  Lifting my head, I looked around.  Branches obscured my vision but sunlight streamed through the leaves.


My breath caught.  Someone was looking for me!  I started to call out when a screech broke through the air.

“Cursed bird.  Begone!”

Holding my breath now, I waited.  Should I call out?  Yet, this was not someone I knew.  I had never heard anyone be cruel to an animal, no matter the reason.  This was not right.  Besides whoever dropped me here would remember and come back.  They would not need to call for me.  Again, I huddled beneath my wings, waiting as silently as I knew how.  I would wait…I would be quiet…

Again, I woke to darkness and cold.  Shivering racked my body.  My wings would not obey me.  They seemed frozen about my body.  Closing my eyes, I strained at forcing them apart.  My arms…so heavy…hands numb…pushing against the branch as I try to get more comfortable, suddenly nothing was pushing back.  Slowly, I started to tip sideways.  I could not scream as I dropped through branches and leaves, my wings entangled about me.

Sitting up suddenly in bed, sweat streaming down my face, I held back the scream awake as I had done in the dream.  It had never been so vivid before and it was longer this time.  I had always woken up when I first found myself in the tree crying.  Why would my childhood nightmare come back now?  And why was there more to it?  Mother always joked I’d fallen from a bird’s nest into her and Father’s lives.  Of course they aren’t my blood parents; neither of them are celestial.  And considering I have wings, one of my parents has to be.  But they have raised me since I can remember.  I had been found by Vadania, our village head, when I was very young.  She had been returning home when she passed through a mountain pass.  According to her, she had stopped early for the night because it was raining.  While sitting by her fire, she saw a wolf carrying a small girl, me.  I always wondered if Vadania was merely trying to pull my wings as they say.  Then again, it could explain my druidic path.  Either way, I remember nothing of it and grew up a happy, if quiet, child.  I would not talk for a long time nor could I remember my name.  Vadania actually named me after that night rain she found me in.  The other meaning of ‘close to God;’ was her little joke about my wings.  While many assumed my quietness was due to shyness it was actually my interest in merely seeing and listening to all around me.  That, and I managed to get enough attention with my wings.  Apparently, flying is not allowed in school games.  Thinking about my wings made me realize they were aching to be stretched.  Throwing the covers off, I stand up and look over towards Siria sleeping on her stand.  Thankfully my dream or musings didn’t seem to affect her.  Smiling, I smooth down her golden feathers as I pass.  She always ruffles them in her sleep, hiding her head under one wing.  I wonder if I ever do that.

“Amayah!  Are you awake yet?  You have to get on the road if you want to make it back home in time for the funeral.”

Opening the door, I find Riaha, my teacher, standing before me.  “I’m awake, Riaha.  I will be dressed and on my way within the hour.  Thank you.”

“Very well.  If you need anything before you leave, just let me know.  Have a safe journey.”

“I will.  Thank you.  Oh, when I return, may we discuss a dream I just had?”

“Of course.  Come and find me when you return.”  Nodding her head, Rialla turned and strode away, her animal companion, Rista padding along behind.

Closing the door, Siria let out a muffled noise as her thoughts brushed my mind.  “Yes, my dear.  We are going on our first journey with just the two of us.  It is a bright, sunny day and there is a long road ahead, even if the end is bittersweet.  Let us get started.”



Mazrith is a samurai that is also a Sayan.   His temple was wiped out by the Shadow Man and his Master killed before his own eyes.  He has sworn and oath to avenge his Master and defeat the Shadow Man.   Alusair cares very much for her silent friend and looks up to him.   She envies his prowess in battle and practices every day with him to better hone her own skill.


Galant del Mar

Galant del Mar is the newest member of our party, a half-dragon who hails from Lemuria.   Just as Alusair was once the wielder of the Sword of the World, Galant is the wielder of the Sword of Storms.   Very friendly and talkative, Galant is very good looking and fancies himself quite the ladies man.  Alusair isn’t sure how to take the compliments that he openly pays her and Amayah on occasion.   Tath’an’dral finds Galant very interesting since Galant is a half-dragon.


Theradon Sunwell

Theradon Sunwell is a doppelganger spell thief and the man that Alusair is in love with.  Knowing that he has….evil tendencies, she has also seen the good in the man she believes Theradon to be.   Theradon and Alusair both seek very similar things, just at opposite ends of the spectrum.   In her goal to reach out and show Theradon her love and help him realize the good that he can be, she may lose herself in the quest and find her own beliefs and alignment challenged.   Theradon is the charismatic leader of the party, currently and the holder of the Map that helps the party decide where to go next.   So far no one has seen Theradon’s true form…


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